About Us

Who are we?
Beautiful Ugly is a womenswear destination that has been curated under the Western Australian sun. We want to reflect the modern lifestyles of the busy and complex women of the 21st century. Our collection is thoughtfully sourced with the intention of buying better, not more.

Our promise to you
We founded this brand based on a fierce desire for more inclusive fashion. To put it frankly, we're sick of seeing clothing on one body type. We want our clothing to feel like it belongs to everyone - short, tall, thin and curvy. We promise we'll never photoshop our models and we'll continue to celebrate every beautiful bump, curve and stretch of skin. 

A note from our founder:

Hi, I'm Brighita - the founder of Beautiful Ugly. I started this brand for a number of reasons - an overwhelming love of fashion and minimal aesthetics but also because I was fed up with only one type of woman being represented in the fashion world. I, like women around the world, come in all shapes and sizes. I promise that as we grow as a brand and company, Beautiful Ugly will represent those many shapes and sizes.

- Brighita Algeri, Founder, Beautiful Ugly